Makers Arcade Highlights San Diego Talent 0

Take a look at the article on our local magazine, City Beat, where they go through some of the highlights of last week's Makers Arcade. We were featured for our Barrel Bag and couldn't be more excited at the great reception our goods had in this amazing Trade Show. Thanks again to all of those who attended! See you next time. 

  • Thomas Brierton

A good leather bag is hard to come by 0

Check out our mention in the Hot Picks Profile, where the top 100 Start Ups are explored at depth! 

  • Thomas Brierton

What is your favorite entrepreneur tool? 0

Check out this article on the MyCorporation blog where some great entrepreneurs (including yours truly) speak about some of our favorite tools! 
  • Thomas Brierton

How To Compete Online Against Amazon, Or Should You? 0

Check out the blog post by Sweet Tooth Rewards explaining how some business owners compete with Amazon and other big names out there. They featured a quote from yours truly. 

CEO Blog Nation - HearPreneur 0

Check out this interview I made for CEO Blog Nation, the first of all the blogs on CEO Blog Nation. Hearpreneur is about the story of entrepreneurs and business owners. This blog features stories, profiles, biographies and inspirational stories for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners.  Here, read why and how I came about to pick the "BRYER" name for my business. I hope you enjoy!   

  • Thomas Brierton

Irene Farrimond - Creative Design 0

Check out this interview I made for Irene, she shares my passion for creativity and design. Irene Farrimond Creative is a boutique agency serving small businesses and creative entrepreneurs by providing authentic brand styling, design and support. Hope you enjoy! 

  • Thomas Brierton