Avoid Lifelong Injury: Slim Down your Wallet! 1


We were taught from an early age that our wallets (as men) go in our back pockets, and although this isn't a bad thing in and of itself, it gets really bad when the wallet we speak of looks like tame version of George Costanza’s wallet.  The big problem: a wallet in your back pocket can hurt your posture and cause back, neck and shoulder pain.

  • Thomas Brierton

Handmade Craftsmanship vs. Mass Production 3

Bryer Leather started with the desire on my part to want great things, and with this, my goal has always been to offer the best available. The concept of making a product by hand, with the expertise that you’ve been able to gather throughout your lifetime, is weird in our world.

  • Thomas Brierton

Conservation International 1

For more than 25 years, Conservation International has been protecting nature for the benefit of everyone on Earth. Read more to see how you can help!

  • Thomas Brierton

Bryer Leather's 5 Tips for Proper Leather Care 0

Bryer Leather focuses on creating leather products that will last a lifetime, this is why each product includes our Limited Lifetime Warranty. The more you use your leather products, the better they will look with time. I pick leathers that develop a rich patina over time, and therefore recommend that you use your products and let them show your story. 

  • Thomas Brierton

Horween Leather Company - A Look Inside 1

When I first started working with leather, I knew that the primary focus of my business was to build high end quality products using only the best materials available. I did a ton of research to decide who would be my main supplier, why I would want to work with them, and what made them special. 


  • Thomas Brierton

Meet Buddy 0

Meet Buddy, the honorary founder of Bryer Leather, the shop dog, the friend, and the loyal companion (not to mention being a stud and hogging the camera). 


  • Thomas Brierton